Hey, Y'all!

I am a wife, mom, grandma, marathoner, a woman of faith-- great wannabe chef (Ha-Ha), crafty gal, and a cancer survivor!

Having recently turned 66, I'm not exactly a spring chicken, but I refuse to sit back and become a decrepit old lady without one hell of a fight!

Although I was Southern born and raised, I lived in Connecticut with my husband (Ray), daughter (Alex) and son (Conor), for over 11 years. We relocated back to Georgia a few years back.

Even after all this time, we are still trying to adjust to life back in the South! As much as I love the South--some things (HEAT and HUMIDITY come to mind!) are tough to get used to after being away for so long!

We have had some terrifying challenges since being back in Georgia-Ray had a heart attack on February 21, 2015. After several surgeries and rehab, I am happy to say that he recovered fully.

On October 3, 2016, I was officially diagnosed with breast cancer. After chemo, a mastectomy and radiation treatments, there is no evidence of disease in my body. I am at high risk for cancer to return, so I am on an estrogen-blocking drug-Letrozole which I will continue to take for the next ten years. There are some nasty side-effects that come along with this drug, but I am happy to take it if it allows me more time with my family and friends!

We have had many other challenges over the past few years, but as a family, we have weathered those storms!

Now, I am trying to overcome the stress and depression that seems to come along with being a cancer survivor (especially one that has incurred thousands and thousands of dollars of debt along the way) and am working on becoming a runner again!

As Rick Otani, a fantastic athlete, and a man whom I have the utmost respect for reminded me after I was diagnosed-


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